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Activities you can do
There is only put into play by your will to the many activities you can do in Praiano from hiking trails to food until you get to tour boat trips all day long.
The two main beaches of Praiano, the Praia and La Gavitella , both beautiful, but with very different characteristics from each other. The Praia easily accessible because of its proximity to the road and very sunny in the morning, while the Gavitella reached by the stairs and very sunny in the afternoon. Both beaches are equipped with bathing establishments, bars and restaurants. In addition to the beaches of Praiano and the Amalfi Coast have a very beautiful coastline from the sea which is nice to see maybe renting a boat or by hiking along the coast..
The beaches
Marina di Praia
Marina of Praia is a small jewel in the Amalfi Coast. The beach appears enclosed between two walls of rock strabiombo sea.
La Gavitella
The pebbly beach of Gavitella is on the right of a long concrete chute are made ​​where winter shelter the fishing boats. Given its small size, 30 meters, most swimmers prefer to settle on two concrete platforms that are located on the side.
Le Praie
View from above is one of the most beautiful natural beaches on the coast, clear sea, sheer walls with a thick crown of pine trees and a large rock that closes on the left.
Sea and mountains blend perfectly in a beautiful natural landscape, vineyards, olive groves, lemon groves and pine trees dominate the heights of Praiano. There are numerous walks and trails that wind throughout the Praiano.
Praiano is a reference point for nightlife in Amalfi Coast since the 60's, this is due to the presence of local historian born in 1962 African Famous Club for its shows and the specialty of the house that develops within two large natural caves. Today the place has undergone a major renovation and changed the name to Famous African Famous Club African Club in Praiano addition there are numerous bars and clubs that stay open until late at night where you can have a drink and spend a nice evening .
Food & Wine
There are numerous restaurants in Praiano where you can taste the flavors of the Coast. In our restaurants section you can find the full list. The Amalfi Coast is also famous for its wines, Ravello, but in particular with the Fury Cantima Marisa Cuomo is an example of excellence with its National Flower of grapes.
Fashion & Shopping
From Praiano it is easy to reach Positano and Capri, two very famous destinations for fashion and shopping. Capri with its exclusive international shops where you can buy clothes and jewelry so high luxury, but famous for Positano Positano fashion, fashion made of lace, embroidery and luxurious fabrics, remains a milestone for those visiting the Amalfi Coast.




Trekking, boat excursions and..