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Shopping experience on the Amalfi Coast

The easy way to know, learn, and understand a particular culture is to try their food, speaking with the local people, and explore their traditional shops and boutique. So let’s do these. On this page, you will find the best tips about where and what to buy all around the Amalfi Coast.

Top 8 things to buy on the Amalfi Coast

Handmade Ceramics

You can’t leave the Amalfi Coast without buying a handmade ceramic souvenir.
One of the best places where you can find the original ceramic articles is Vietri Sul Mare, the city where these unique objects were born for the first time a long time ago.

Typical Clothes & Shoes

A fashion story which has started in the fifties, in Positano. Now “Moda Positano” is known all over the world for its ’crochet bikini, long and
wide dresses, handcrafted sandals, skirts with strips of lace, beach shirt, and more.

Food: sweet and salt

The South of Italy is full of good food, too many choices that you will be unable to try everything if you don’t have to much time. The main question is: what to bring home from the Amalfi Coast? Dry pasta, anchovy sauce, lemons, taralucci, sfogliatella, olive oil, and more.

Wines & Liquors

Positano, Amalfi, and Sorrento are the best places if you desire to buy and try limoncello, meloncello, finochietto, and other typical liquors.
In addition, these and  more extra venues on the Amalfi Coast, are excellent local wine producers.

Luxury Jewelry

Capri is a really famous island for many reasons, but many people don’t know that one of these patterns is due to its luxury jewelry.
Wristwatches set with colored stones and the bell of San Michael are two things that you have to buy for sure if you are on the island.

Handmade Perfumes

If you desire to smell the real essence of the Amalfi Coast you have to try its homemade perfumes which remind you of lemons,
flowers such as jasmine, and all the Mediterranean fragrances.


All over the Amalfi Coast, you will find some art galleries, but also many street artists, so you have the chance to buy a painting
and more that will remember you of the amazing travel you had in Italy.

Handcrafted Wooden Objects

The history of the wooden inlay dates back to the 14th century, with its climb in the nineteenth century.
This story took place in Sorrento and is still in progress. Is here where you will find the best handmade wooden objects.

Ceramic Shops Suggested

Ceramiche Casola

The fine art of “Ceramiche Casola”, was born in the artistic and picturesque landscape of the Amalfi Coast mirroring its beauty. Ceramiche Casola is a Fourth Generation Family owned business (since 1925) that follows one dream from generations: “To make the houses in Italy and all over the world.

Ceramica Assunta

Ceramica Assunta, since 1948 we’ve been producing and selling handmade pottery objects in Positano in three beautiful stores in the heart of the city.
We’re specialised in the production of tableware and can create any kind of object with a wide range of decorations and nice colours.

Ceramica Artistica Solimene

The Ceramica Artistica Solimene produces hand made ceramics using traditional methods handed down through the generations.
All the ceramics are produced in our factory in Vietri sul Mare.
The real made in Italy is famous all around the World

Ceramiche Piccadilly

Inspired by passion and love of his land, Mario Criscuolo founded “Ceramiche Piccadilly” in 1981 and passed on his careful attention to detail and dedication to quality products to future generations. Here you will find a large choice of dinnerware and accessories, umbrella stand and urns, centrepieces.

Fashion Shops Recommended

La Bottega di Brunella

Since 1965, La Bottega di Brunella continues to make items of clothing for women, men and children with the same love and originality of yore..

Artigianato Rallo

L’Artigianato Rallo, located in Positano Amalfi Coast, is not only among the best equipped artisan shoe shops in Positano and Amalfi Coast.,

Emporio Sirenuse

The spirit of Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano is here for you to take home. Resort and beachwear, swimsuits, accessories for men and women.

Sandali Tipici di Dattilo Alfonso

The son of a leather master, Alfonso Dattilo has been realising in Maiori traditional sandals for more than 40 years providing the basis for Sandali.

Food Boutique Suggested


Delicatessen is the ideal place to buy and take with you a piece of Positano, with its atmosphere and its wonderful panorama.
In the family run store, you can find cold cuts, cheeses, fresh pasta, artisan liqueurs and many wines.

Delfino Battista

Since 1950 Delfino Battista has been carrying on the traditional fish A vast array of unique food products to choose from:
salted anchovies. Discover the genuine taste of Cetara’s traditions. A vast array of unique food.

Cioccolato Andrea Pansa

Founded in 1830 by Andrea Pansa, the pastry shop has kept unchanged the charm transmitted by the nineteenth-century furniture that still smells of the essence of the Fathers, among those gilded mirrors that still reflect the images of famous people.

Pasticceria Sal De Riso

In Salvatore De Riso’s production there is all the flavor of the Amalfi Coast with its genuine aromas of a centuries-old tradition.
Everything becomes a great symbol on the Amalfi Coast like the yellow lemons and our creations.

Wine & Liquor Shops Suggested

Valentì Positano

The secrets of limoncello, mandarin, the lingonberry or the blueberry that Mamma Emilia made at home, Valentino Esposito, his son, has taken them since childhood.

The Wine Shop Positano

Since 1890 in Positano, a few steps from the Spiaggia Grande and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Russo family with its shop sells food delicacies to half the world.In 2010, under the thrust of Daniela and Giovanni’s enthusiasm, the shop is renewed, to the gastronomic delicacies are added the oenological ones.

Le Tre Sorelle Wine Room

“The Three Sisters Wine Room” is a prestigious wine shop that was born in the enchanting setting of Positano, thanks to the passion for good wine of the owner and expert sommelier Luigi. We offer you a wide selection of Italian and international wines, ranging from famous companies to small wine artisans.

La Bottega del Limone

The Bottega del Limone was officially opened by Andrea & Manuela Pansa in May 2018. They are supported by their spuses Valentina Pastore and Gaetano Acampora. Andrea is also the owner of the “Bistro. F.lli Pansa”, a pleasant place where to enjoy a good espresso or a traditional pasta dish delighted by the wonderful view of the Amalfi Cathedral.

Jewelry Shops Recommended

Capri Watch

The new Retro Collection is characterised by warm shades of beige and delicate nuances of blue, while Swarovski crystals elegantly enrich both the dial and the case. Capri Watch ha also launched a luxury, limited edition collection, the Jewels Collection: watches featuring diamonds and crocodile..


Chantecler Capri is one of the most important and renowned goldsmiths of the Italian peninsula. Born in Capri in 1947, it immediately established itself for an elegant and refined style combined with a design that incorporates symbolic elements of the Caprese and Neapolitan tradition.


Here we are: Federico and Margherita, a couple in life and in work.
Federico is a gemologist, he has worked in the luxury market for over thirty years, collaborating with Italian and international leading companies of watches and high jewelry

Angelo Fusco Gioielli

Angelo Fusco’s Jewellery, since 1928,  offers a large selection of unique handcrafted jewels of fine italian tradition in gold and diamonds, corals, cameos, pearls.
His experience and good taste, his reliability, and his kindness are renowned in Amalfi, and among his customers worldwide.

Perfumery Shops Suggested


Since 1948, Carthusia has been capturing the scents of the Amalfi in bottled form. Their dreamy fragrances draw inspiration from the region’s most memorable spots like Via Camerelle, named after the famous boutique-lined boulevard of Capri, and Teatro di San Carlo, an ode to the oldest opera house in the world in Naples. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always pick up one of their sample sets that offers a selection of favourites.

Profumi di Positano

 Giuseppe Barba and his wife Giuseppina opened their small perfume shop and presented their first fragrance Positano. To that first fragrance lots more would join it and follow throughout the next years, created and developed always following the advise and judgements of all our customers.

Eau D’Italie - Emporio Sirenuse

Initially a secret between those in the know, from Positano Eau d’Italie quickly travelled the world, the key to its success being a truly Italian ingredient: la passione, that same burning passion that gave the world beauty and excellence in art, fashion and design.

Profumi di Positano

Sapori e Profumi di Positano comes from a great love story between Sandra and Paolo. Coming from Emilia Romagna, Sandra discovered Positano and the magic of its precious fruits in 1970, when she was only 20.

Handcrafted Wooden Objects

Stinga Tarsia

The art of intarsia (wood inlaying) has been one of Sorrento’s fine crafts since the 14thC.
The original designs of Stinga Tarsia have been made by the same family for three generations and still use techniques adopted in the 19thC.

Augusto & Luca's Workshop

The art of handmade indaid wood work is an old and noble italian tradition typical of the Sorrento area,
and can only be performed by skylled and highly trained artisians whose craft is handled down from
generation to generation for over 500 years;

Gargiulo & Jannuzzi

Inlaid wood, Embroderies, Laces, Potteries… all of Sorrento’s fine arts, in one large establishment of tradition: since 1863,
A. Gargiulo & Jannuzzi produces and sells the richest laces and most refined wooden objects.

Gargiulo Inlaid

The inlay shop Gargiulo was founded in 1936 by Uncle Gaetano, who since childhood began to work the wood and learn the art of Sorrento Tarsia.
Art then passed to Giuseppe, who still produces boxcaps, trays and bomboniers inlaid with the love and passion of a time, the same love he has also transferred to his son Salvatore.

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