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Amazing Sunset in Praiano

Praiano Online

Amazing Sunset in Praiano

Praiano’s sunsets never tire, they are unique and surprising every time.

Just a few kilometers from Positano is its neighbor Praiano. We don’t often hear about this village on the Amalfi Coast and it’s been a few years now that I have begun to wonder why. Positano is known all over the world, as are Amalfi and Sorrento but only a few know of the existence of a little gem like Praiano. I admit that I myself only re-evaluated it a few years ago and that I still wonder how it was possible for me to ignore it for so long!

“From any point you admire them it will be a show of colors”

The sun plunges into the sea while the sky is tinged with beautiful colors and right there in front of it is Positano in its entirety. There are days when pink is king and it is not easy to distinguish the thousand shades that are created. But it is when red prevails that it is pure spectacle, a fiery sky that has no equal.

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