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Luminaria San Domenico

Praiano Online

Luminaria of San Domenico

Is the Praiano main event which comes to live every year from August 1st to August 4th to celebrate San Domenico.

On August 4th, in the early morning (the first Mass is at 7am), Praiano celebrates the Festival of San Domenico. Every year, since 1599, the people of Praiano have decorated their balconies, terraces and gardens with lamps lit by wax and oil. This custom originates from when Dominican Monks came to the Monastery of Santa Maria a Castro (San Domenico),situated on the hill above Praiano. As the story goes, before the birth of Domenico, his
mother dreamt of a dog with a flaming torch in his mouth to burn the world, and, so, when Domenico was born he had to spread “God’s word throughout the world”.
Because of all the difficulties occurred for the Sanitary Emergency, the event will be not very full of shows as the last years. A strong signal of attention must be given especially to our
guys who are the soul of the event.
So to keep the tradition of this magical event woven of love, passion and faith, participation and sharing, hoping that the 2021 will be the year of the revival, of the renewed magnificence for the Luminaria di San Domenico, for the Praiano community and for the whole World, the Praiano Town – hall in collaboration with Pelagos Association, San Gennaro Parish and supported by the Amalfi Coast District realized the 2020 Luminaria di
San Domenico Edition respecting the Covid-19 Emergency guide lines.

“Thousands of candles, torches and tealights will be lit in Praiano, on the extraordinary Amalfi coast, from 1 to 4 August in Piazza San Gennaro for the traditional Luminaria di San Domenico.”

A popular festival which commemorates San Domenico and which seems to have been held since 1606, the year in which the Dominican friars of the Sanità di Napoli arrived in Praiano.

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